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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Seattle. January 6th.

Seattle. Washington. United States.

Running all over town again, and felt great. I can never stand to leave Seattle. Only before leaving do I see it as it is, still a truly great city, still with the odd houses on Capitol Hill and the used bookstores and endless cafes. Only before leaving do I get beyond th rain and my own psyche and finally acknowledge the city alone and wish to capture its scape and specifics in film. I walked down Madison and thought back to summertime and Fellini and sang like a madman to myself. To Seattle in the summertime, a perfect feeling. Saw I Am A Sex Addict at the Film Forum and spoke with writer and director Caveh Zahedi afterwards.

Zahedi is an honest man and genius and comfortably awkard... walked down 12th again after the film muttering and bumbling like a madman, this time to Sofie, because I couldn't stand it: someone makes a fantastic peice of artwork, and after the show, you walk up to them and say thank you, and thank you again, and fumble for a question because the artist is so perfectly honest with himself that he has nothing to say or ask of you and no interest in faking it... you'd like to unload praise but know better... you'd like to hold on to the artist for the possibility of some lasting relationship to let the inspiration hold... instead you leave with what was given, the art itself and nothing more...

Then wander an all night bookstore with Sofie but can't read anything now anyway, so you walk the streets but you can't rightfully say anything to one another, and that's just it... the fleeting inspiration... and it's almost perfect, but not quite.


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