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Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Orleans. January 8th - 17th.

New Orleans. Louisiana. United States.

New Orleans must exist alone in my memory, for it is far too much to write of here. Had I stayed, as I might have, through February and the Mardi Gras season, it would be worth the novel. Those of you who experienced it with me will know, or know in part, what I mean. It was true living, life lived to the limit of human flesh and blood, and I will hold it with me forever, until I return.

I was in New Orleans from January 8th to the 17th, staying in the 9th Ward, amid ruins, the ruins of a poor neighborhood struggling to build itself up again from the ashes, and in doing so, to preserve the City - a City only existing so long as its culture exists. In our time, before and still, the city of New Orleans was struggling for Rebirth, and it was the greatest pleasure of my life to be a witness, if only for a moment.

Should Nunnie or any of the others who were kind enough to treat me to fried snapper, baked butter beans, barbequed chicken, and beer; should any of you stumble upon this page... know that I am forever thankful to your hospitality and will be returning soon enough.


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